[rescue] Large SCSI towers

Michael Johnson michaelj at celeration.net
Tue Oct 21 16:38:25 CDT 2003

A local surplus store has several of these for sale.

They are about 3 feet high and about 2 feet square. It has 8 removeable 
68 pin full height drive holders (2 drives wide and 4 drives high). It 
has connectors in each unit for 2 half height drives in each drive 
tray. It looks like it is wired as two buses Their asking price is $160 
including 8 10gig ful height drives.

I am sure they would go lower.  I will take some pictures on Wed and 
post a link to them if anyone is interested. As far as I could find it 
these are a no named units.

They are in Kansas City MO 64105


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