[rescue] IBM RS600 AIX 4.3 Boot / Devices

jnlk jnlk at eircom.net
Tue Oct 21 15:09:06 CDT 2003

thks for responding. How do I get it to boot from the CD - I have the AIX
Vol 1 of 4 CD's in the CD Drive but it does not boot - I get no output from
the serial port either - the led display on the computer displays messages.

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> On Tuesday 21 October 2003 03:17 am, jnlk wrote:
> > I am currently unable to get my IBM RS6000 G30 machine to boot
> >
> > Getting a 264 - No Device error - Could it be a bad scsi card ?
> It's possible for a bad SCSI card to go unnoticed, though I'd think it
> somewhat unlikely given IBM's painstaking approach to POST.  Are you sure
> that the attached disk is good and has an OS on it?
> > Suggestions as to how to get it to boot ?
> Have you tried booting from an AIX CD and see what cfgmgr detects...?
> I don't think any of the MCA RS/6000s had SMS, but some had service
> or neo-service processors, and I think some could probe a little hardware.
> Try digging up the service and user manuals for the G-series boxes from
> http://www.rs6000.ibm.com/ -> Library -> Hardware documentation.
> -E.
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