[rescue] Interesting bit on Multics

Mike Meredith mike at blackhairy.demon.co.uk
Tue Oct 21 13:23:24 CDT 2003

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 13:39:29 -0400 (EDT), vance at neurotica.com wrote:
> I have a whole bunch of friends who have firsthand experience with IBM
> management trying to kill off VM.  I live in Poughkeepsie, so I know a
> lot of longtime IBM mainframe OS people.

He's worked electronically in Poughkeepsie (he's said that the great
thing about networks is that he could work all over the world without
leaving his desk in Hursley). For a couple of years in the 1970's he
worked at Yorktown Heights which is pretty close (at least from this

> Indeed.  It's useful for any kind of IBM mainframe development.  You
> get your own machine.  You can do whatever you want to it.

It's shame that the equivalent of VM didn't spread ... it'd be useful on
all sorts of machines.

> > (I'm excluding the 6 months he was with the OS/2 PM group, learning
> > C and hating it)
> Does he hate OS/2?  Or just PM?

C .. he says it compares unfavourably with PL/1 (actually one of the IBM
internal-only PL/1 varients). He didn't mind OS/2 too much except he
wasn't best pleased when they took away his 3279(?) terminal and
replaced it with an OS/2 machine.

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