[rescue] OT: free cell phone

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Oct 21 12:16:24 CDT 2003

I have a 'rescued' Nokia model 5190 type nsb-1nx cell phone and
battery for free (will, shipping costs, and say $3 for the time
and trouble... so not quite 'free').

When I got it a few months or so ago, it still had some charge
in the battery... so the battery is probably good if charged up
(it is now drained)... so maybe you just need an extra battery.

This is a GSM ? phone (the ones that take the little 'flash' cards
with the info on them... there is no 'flash' card in this one, it
was removed before I got it).

Any interested parties wanting to save this from the trash that
have some use for it... speak up now....

-- Curt

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