[rescue] SS10 and SS20 systems

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Oct 21 12:00:53 CDT 2003

I have some SS10 and SS20 systems I'm letting go of....  prefer local
pickup (price is higher if you want it shipped to cover packing
materials and time).

I have three SS10 systems.  All with SM41 processors (single proc
per box), two have 128M RAM, one has 112M (as I recall).  No disks
(floppy drives are included, but not hard drives).

I have one SS20 system with an SM52 in it (in a 20 it will operate with
only the 1st meg of cache, so it is really like an SM51)... I think it
has 128M RAM.  Again, no drives.

All systems have CG6 SBUS cards in them.

For the 20, I optionally have brand new 8MB VSIMMs still in the box.

Then I have some 20 bases, no drives, no memory, no cpu, no cd, and
I think most have no floppy.

SS10 system (as listed above): $25 local pickup, $35 + ship to ship
SS20 system (as listed above): $30 local pickup, $40 + ship to ship
SS20 base (as listed above)  : $15 local pickup, $25 + ship to ship
SS20 VSIMM (8MB, new in box) : $20 with system purchase, $30 separately
(I will ship VSIMMS for actual shipping cost)

-- Curt

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