[rescue] Employed - Unemployed numbers on the Rescue List

Paul paul at techcenter3000.com
Mon Oct 20 10:07:07 CDT 2003

Hehehe, I've got VB6 and .NET, but VB4 is a little easier to use in many
cases, and it tends to put out smaller code. Not to mention which,
nobody has written a decompiler for it (yet?)

As for .NET, after the 4 hour install, I realized something: It sucks for
what I do! And I really really dislike having to include a 28+ meg runtime.
Call it a 'framework' if you will, it's still 28+ meg I have to include.

And yes, I DO still have the original CD/Case for VB4.  :) Copyright
1987-1995.  I'm wondering if another 2 years it'll be considered appropriate
for a topic on the rescue list? (snicker)


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> --- Paul <paul at techcenter3000.com> wrote:
> > Ah well, back to VB4 to pay a bill or two.
> VB4, as in Visual Basic 4? Ye Gods man, how old is that compiler...
> Did you miss VB5, VB6, and now VB.NET? ;^)
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