[rescue] Job Opening(s) -- D.C. Area

Ido Dubrawsky idubraws at dubrawsky.org
Sun Oct 19 20:59:51 CDT 2003

Hi All,
  I am sending this out to the list on behalf of a friend of mine here in the
DC area.  If you're interested in applying for the position send your resume 
to the e-mail address indicated.

Ido Dubrawsky, CISSP           			E-mail:  ido at dubrawsky.org
Network Security Architect				idubraws at cisco.com
500 Hermleigh Rd
Silver Spring, MD. 20902
(301) 651-5441 (cell)
Rand Solutions Group has one, possibly two, available positions for experienced
UNIX and Windows administrator(s).  Individuals should preferably be located in 
the Washington, D.C. metro area (no relocation assistance is available) and 
have the following experience:

 	UNIX Administration:
 	  3-5 years of UNIX Administration (in particular OpenBSD/Linux)
	  Understand networking concepts
 	  Experience with open source VPN/firewall/solutions
 	  Good understanding of remote network management using open source 
 	  Experience with Sendmail/SpamAssassin/Squid/Samba
 	  Experience with open source network monitoring/management applications
	    such as Nagios/Big Sister/OpenNMS a plus
 	Windows Administration:
 	  5-7 years of Windows Administration (Windows NT to Windows 2003)
 	  Knowledgeable in Active Directory operations
 	  Experience with Exchange 5.5/2000/2003	  
 	  Experience in Windows/UNIX integration
 	  Experience with customer support issues
 	  VBA,VB, MS SQL ability is a plus
	Other: CCNA, Sun, RedHat, or Microsoft certification a plus
	Salary comensurate with experience
Rand Solutions Group, Inc. is an experienced network and information technology 
(IT) and network security consulting firm that designs, installs and supports 
Windows, Novell, and UNIX based networks. Our mission is to provide our clients 
with technology solutions that meet their business needs.

Qualified individuals should forward a current copy of their resume to:
jobs at randsol.com

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