[rescue] Sparc portables for sale

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Sun Oct 19 19:04:03 CDT 2003


The following items are for sale to help finance the purchase of a new or
late-model used G4 Powerbook- and to clear up some space in the basement.

Check the end of the message for more items that will probably be showing up
over the next few days.

Sparcbook 3GX

128 MB RAM
1.1 GB Disk
Tadpole Solaris 7.OF
2 batteries (hold some charge, but no guarantees)
Extra empty drive sled
External SCSI Floppy
2x ethernet to transceiver cables, and one AUI/10BaseT transceiver
3C589C PCMCIA Ethernet card and dongle if you don't like the transceiver
Parallel cable
Extra Trackpoint nipples

Some nice things about this laptop:

-Hard to find 128M memory upgrade vs. the "stock" 32M
-Real Tadpole Solaris with all the Tadpole packages rolled in
-current drive sled uses a SCSI/IDE converter card, so you can put in as big
a drive as you would like (as long as it physically fits). You need to tell
'format' the cyl/sec/head of the drive, but then it works fine.
-extra drive sled
-3C589 card "just works" in Solaris
-screen nice and bright- no dead pixels

The biggest annoyance is that the spring latch to hold the battery door on
is broken, and sometimes the door falls off.

I'd like to get somewhere north of $300.00 for this, but send in your

SparcStation Voyager

-48 MB RAM
-770 MB Disk
-No battery - only A/C power module
-Currently running OpenSTEP 4.2/Sparc, but can install your favorite Solaris
-will include Type 5 keyboard/mouse upon request

Not much to say other than that it looks and works just fine.  .  .

Offers entertained.

Other things I will probably try to move. Some are big. I'm near
Minneapolis. I don't have exact configs handy right now. If you are
interested in something, let me know and I'll get you specifics quickly.

4-way Alphaserver 2100 w/mylex RAID card
4-way Unisys Ppro server w/RAID
Ultra 5
Sun 670
1 or 2 SS1000's
Apple WGS95 running A/UX

I will also have a lot of Sun and Apple misc, perhaps including some Lisa
parts and (I believe) a set of NeXTSTEP 3.3 Black/Sun/HP distribution.



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