[rescue] regularly schedule search :-)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Oct 18 13:16:55 CDT 2003

Long overdue for my regularly scheduled searching.... (3 things)

I'm looking for OS Floppies for Altos 886 (Xenix specifically for
that Altos 886).

Someone on here had them, but it appears that they left wherever
they were working and I've not lost contact with the person.  Maybe
that person his back on rescue now.

I really would love to get this box working again.

#2, I'm looking for boards for Sun2/120.  I'd like memory, a
color graphics card, and any other cards for spares, etc.
Also would like to find an internal tape drive for a Sun2/120.

#3, I'm looking for the X/150 Sun VME chassis.... a couple of people
on here had them but they were packed away somewhere, etc.... so
maybe by now one of you had dug one up, or somebody else here may
have come by one.....

I think that covers it for now.... 

-- Curt

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