[rescue] Optimal OS for a SS4?

Robert Rose rr at rits.com.au
Sat Oct 18 00:55:07 CDT 2003

At 10:18 PM 17/10/2003 -0500, Eric wrote:
>On Friday 17 October 2003 07:41 am, Robert Rose wrote:
> > once I get some chio nastyness fixed) and will be my Bacula box (with
> > thanks to those that recommended it!).
>Can someone compare Bacula with Amanda?  I have been half-working on getting
>Amanda to back up multiple machines to my DLT library.

Um, not really.  I've done a bit of reading on both after someone on this 
list recommended Bacula ('till then I didn't even know it existed) and it 
looks a bit more appealing to my tastes.  Sorry I can't quantify it better 
than that.  I had a bit of a play with Bacula at work for 10 minutes or so 
a couple of weeks ago and it looked the goods.

Got my chio nastyness fixed too.  It appears my tape library (TLS-4210) has 
spots for 2 tape drives, but only one drive installed in the *second* drive 
position.  I had to put something else on the SCSI bus and tell the changer 
to use it as drive1, I've just got to remember not to tell the changer to 
put a tape in it!

Time to compile Bacula, wish me luck.


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