[rescue] Interesting bit on Multics

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Fri Oct 17 23:01:19 CDT 2003

>    It's not clear that anyone was suggesting "utility" of any sort.  It
> is an important part of history, and as such, it should be preserved
> and studied.  I don't think anyone in their right mind would use it in
> production unless they absolutely had to.

I knew that, but if study is the main goal... some of the lessons have
been already incorporated. It would be cool for the geek factor I grant

Anyhow, there is always the emulator route I guess... if there is enouhg
info on the underlying HW I am sure an emulator of sorts could be written
and run some original multics on it. However is it hte multics code

The only thing I sort of know about multics is the whole concept of
protection rings (hence their logo). I seem to remember that was its
biggest stregnth and weakness, since it induced a significan overhead on
such old iron. The instruction set I think reflected the need for
protection based not on memory mapping but in actual
instruction/program/user privilege level. I guess now my curiosity has
been itched... I am looking over the multicians.org website which seems to
be the main web info repository on the subject.

BTW, I sent an e-mail to the original article author, as he pretty much
plagiarized info from the multicians.org website. I have no problem with
authors copying public sources of information as long as they credit the
original authors. I have seen that over and over and over with teh so
called "reviews" in osnews/opinion and whatnot websites.

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