[rescue] 802.11 + VoIP

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Fri Oct 17 14:19:35 CDT 2003

Coming in late, as usual.....

I've been away hosting an IEEE 802.11i meeting....  8-)

The problem with VOIP performance that I was taking about earlier relates to 
the latency introduced by the new security measures we are developing.  
There is considerable debate as to whether voip performance will be 
acceptable, leading me to conclude that that at best, it's going to be 
close, and that if ANYTHING hiccups, you will drop packets and have 
unacceptable voice performance.

This is with the new security measures.  Older stuff (WEP capable) doesn't 
have the same set of problems, and __may__ provide adequate performance, 
albeit with a considerable security tradeoff.

Cell phone workee fine....


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