[rescue] SCSI, at Length

Steven Hill sjh at waroffice.net
Fri Oct 17 16:27:13 CDT 2003

> > This is for connecting $tapeSilo's robot to $server.
> > No, they can't be moved closer together.  Management
> > said so.  If we turned the tape drive around and
> > squeezed it up against the server cabinet, it would
> > look"less impressive and not worth the money we paid
> > for it."

> In that scenario, It would be extremely difficult for
> me not to hand in my resignation on the spot.  That's
> horrific.

Although, being a person who appreciates watching tape hands move
around... I would be more concerned by the cheapness of not buying a cable
long enough with the damn thing.

Steven Hill

Your child may be an honor student, but you're still an idiot.

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