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Ron Wickersham rjw at alembic.com
Fri Oct 17 14:15:59 CDT 2003

hi Jonathan,

a couple of weeks ago i saw several Sun-official cables in new packages at
WierdStuff, iirc they were 50 feet.   the don't show them on their web
site (which isn't unusual since almost everything there is not on the web
site).  perhaps a call to them or someone who lives close by could pick
them up for you (i'm 80 mi North and don't get down there often).

also there's a 25 meter extension diff cable (male on one end, female on
the other) at HSC electronic supply in  Rohnert Park Calif. 707-585-7344,
new surplus.  (not on their web site either).   i think they would ship
it ok to you if that would do the job or i could pick it up and overnight
it since it's only 5 mi away.


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> Can anyone recommend a vendor that sells long high-quality differential
> SCSI cables?  A shielded cable with twisted pairs would be prefered, as
> the run is -really- long--15 meters or so, and $localVendor can't seem
> to do that.  Someone in Texas or who can deliver on short notice would
> be excellent.
> This is for connecting $tapeSilo's robot to $server.  No, they can't be
> moved closer together.  Management said so.  If we turned the tape drive
> around and squeezed it up against the server cabinet, it would look
> "less impressive and not worth the money we paid for it."
> I can accomodate them (that's one of the strengths of differential
> SCSI), but the reasoning behind it just makes me ill.
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