[rescue] Optimal OS for a SS4?

Robert Rose rr at rits.com.au
Fri Oct 17 06:41:54 CDT 2003

>On Thursday, October 16, 2003, at 07:21 PM, Michel Adam wrote:
> > Well, I just got this Sparcstation 4 and would like to get the wisdom
> > of the
> > list
> > on a few questions:
> >
> >  - What is considered the optimal version of Solaris for it?
Um, whatever Solaris version you happen to have on hand that will run on 
it?  I seem to remember that SunOS would run on them too.

Seriously though, I'm really happy with OpenBSD 3.3 on mine with 96Mb RAM, 
I've even decided to keep the 50 watt power supply and run with just 1 
internal disk.  Others on the list will advise NetBSD (hi Dave), it depends 
on what you want to do with it, mine's driving a tape library (or will be 
once I get some chio nastyness fixed) and will be my Bacula box (with 
thanks to those that recommended it!).


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