[rescue] Longshot -- DG schematics

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Thu Oct 16 20:07:55 CDT 2003


   I know that this is at best a long-shot, and at worst a hopeless
cry in the wilderness for something that doesn't exist, but one of
you fine folk may be able to help me out.

   I'm looking for schematics (formerly known as "prints") to a Data
General power supply for a Desktop Generation 10 machine with a DG
part number of 005-20849 R05 on it.

   The PSU I have blows the 10A fuse in the back of the machine with
enough force to plate the inside of the glass.  The problem doesn't
seem to be on the primary side (it's a switcher) as most commonly-
failling components ohm out OK.  So, it's prints or bust!

   Note:  I'm the sort of anal moron who refuses to swap out entire
FRUs to save time and effort -- I swap components on the boards.  But,
I'm not averse to asking the help, now and then, of the community.

   Ideas are most welcome.  Schematics even more so!


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