[rescue] SCSI Zip on SGI O2

Lom Defer ldefer at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 16 13:42:02 CDT 2003

I recently bought a legacy iomega 250 scsi zip drive to hook to my o2.  
There is a active terminator on the current scsi devices (external disk and 
floppy disk) connected to the o2.  i plan to add the zip at the end of the 
chain.  do i still need an active terminator?  the zip seems to have an 
internal termination (small switch on the back of the drive: termination on 
/ off). the scsi connection on the zip is a 25-pin.  o2 requires 68-pin.  i 
assume a 25 to 68 scsi adapter is all i need. correct?  sorry for these 
basic questions on this forum.


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