[rescue] wanted: diskimage for sun3 architecture

James Birdsall jwbirdsa at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 14 23:10:29 CDT 2003

SCSI ID 3 has nothing to do with it. The 3/60 predates the pizzabox Sparcs,
where the 3/0 inversion started, by a good while. When you tell it to boot
from sd(0,0,0), it looks for SCSI ID 0, and SunOS for sun3 arch does not do
the 3/0 inversion either: by default, sd0 is ID 0 lun 0, sd1 is ID 0 lun 1,
sd2 is ID 1 lun 0, etc.

I'm speaking here as somebody who is running a 3/60 at this very moment as a
production server.

At this very moment, I'd advise running NetBSD on it, but if you have to
have SunOS, make 4.1.1 tapes. By 4.1.1, the install process was pretty
slick -- boot the first tape and it drops you into a curses UI which leads
you through the process.

Alternatively, I have at least one shoebox which I believe still has 4.1.1
loaded on it, which I'd be willing to part with.

--James B.

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