[rescue] wanted: diskimage for sun3 architecture

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Tue Oct 14 15:06:29 CDT 2003

Steve Hatle wrote:
> > would be really helpfull it somebody could provide me with a diskimage
> > of a working system (preferably SUN0105, SUN0424 or SUN1.05G).
> > 
> I think the PROM would expect the default disk to be at SCSI ID 3, unless
> you've told it otherwise (can't remember if you can- it's been a while)

I think Sun started doing the id 0/id 3 trick later. From
http://www.sun3arc.org/install/install.phtml :
Device	SCSI-id	PROM boot command
sd0	0	sd(0,0,slice)
sd2	1	sd(0,8,slice)
sd4	2	sd(0,10,slice)
sd6	3	sd(0,18,slice)
st0	4	st(0,0,file)
st1	5	st(0,8,file)
sr0	6	sd(0,30,slice)

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