[rescue] Need SGI part

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Mon Oct 13 20:07:12 CDT 2003

> Anyone have a picture of these near-unobtainium
> sleds?  Would it be feasible to get them made
> by someone with machine-shop skills?  Could be
> a business opportunity...

Being a new SGI owner (thanks, Curtis), I have been looking at this 
stuff recently. I just bought a 480M disk and sled on eBay for $14 
including shipping. There was (is) a 1G disk with a sled for around $15 
or so. As I understand it, the sled has some electronics, too. They 
adapt a 50-pin fast SCSI drive to a connector that looks kinds like an 
80-pin SCA connector, but it's not.

Disclaimer: I'm a real newbie at SGI stuff, so I may not know anything...


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