[rescue] Need SGI part.

Arjen Ronhaar arjen.ronhaar at planet.nl
Mon Oct 13 15:42:46 CDT 2003

I'm looking on Ebay USA, Germany and UK, but all sleds (empty or with 
old dicks) really go for Big prices.
Since i read it on this forum, i also put my bid price level up, but 
most auctions end on times that i can not follow it, so i'm always 
outbid by $0.50.

I will continue the hunt, but there is a maximum price, since i also 
heve to consider the S&H costs.

I will try to get one.

Arjen Ronhaar.

Sheldon T. Hall wrote:

>Arjen Ronhaar said ...
>>I'm desperately looking for a 3.5" driv4e sled for an Indigo2.
>>Does anybody have a spare that he wants to sell en ship?
>I thought I had a spare to offer you, but I can't find it.
>I've bought sleds off eBay, where the going price seems to be about US$25.
>Considering that my son just bought a decent, complete, loaded I^2 for
>US$50, the eBAY price for sleds is ridiculous, but it seems to be the price.
>Add shipping to .nl, and it gets really silly.
>I just wish I had a machine that could turn old FeeCees into parts for real
>computers.  Imagine something like the pie machine in "Chaiken Run."  You
>put old PCs into one end, set the knobs, and get real computer parts out the
>"What kind of parts?"
>Not Apple parts .... Sun spuds.  SGI Sleds.  SCSI cables.  Hard drives.
>True-parity SIMMs.  All the stuff that we end up having to buy for our
>"free" rescued computers.
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