[rescue] VOIP (Tiger Direct)

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Mon Oct 13 07:14:11 CDT 2003

I remember that crap, another company also had adds for
such a phone running on TV.  Ridiculous.

As a side note, Tiger Direct's main offices and open
box sale store are almost within walking distance from
my place.  As a general rule i regard TD as the scum of
the earth (lot o' crooked credit card crap went on
there) but that's is where i got my first SS20 so i
can't hate on them too much.  They don't sell Sun
gear.  This particular machine was for their own
internal use.  Morons even left a DAT backup tape in
the drive (as well as a Solaris 2.6 CD.)  Guess info
security is an after thought at that place./KRM

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 01:50:34 -0400
"Mike Nicewonger" <twmaster at twmaster.com> wrote:
> That is correct. Tiger Direct (the pc selling bags)
> were some time ago selling mobile phone emergency
> kits (old analog phones to use for dialing 911 on the
> go)
> I wonder how many suckers bought into that?

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