[rescue] VOIP

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Sun Oct 12 18:51:56 CDT 2003

patrick at zill.net said:
>  The neatest thing I saw was a Compaq iPaq with Wifi and the soft
> phone they have; you could dial out and use it like a normal cell
> phone.

Except 802.11 was never intended for this kind of use, and voice quality is 
GOING to suck, particularly when you roam.

The other lovely part is that with no 802.11 link encryption, or with WEP 
which is almost the same as none, your calls are trivially tap-able.  If you 
haven't already, take a look at vomit, written by a friend of mine:


You ARE securing your VOIP calls with something like IPSec, right?


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