[rescue] VOIP

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Sun Oct 12 18:17:09 CDT 2003

s at avoidant.org said:
> The 911 thing makes sense. 911 calls are automatically routed to the
> nearest emergency call center, and if your phone is routed through a
> server in California or New Jersey, how can you reach the right
> center?

This is the main reason I have not signed up w/ Vonage.  But the last time I 
looked at their web site, they had a plan for you to register youself for 
911 call routing so that the call would go to the correct call center.

You're still screwed if the power goes out and you loose IP service.

The other compelling feature that's been quoted to me (for Vonage) is the 
ability to travel with the phone (actually adaptor + phone).  The idea is 
that if you spend a lot of time on the road, you unplug the phone when you 
leave, the "home" phone number goes with you and when you get to the office 
or hotel room (wherever IP service is available), you plug it in and the 
"home phone" is plugged back in.

The 911 thing is a killer drawback, as is the fact that my IP service is via 
DSL, which means I cannot disco the land line, thus no savings.


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