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Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Sun Oct 12 14:24:04 CDT 2003

there are a few VoIP providers.

http://www.packet8.net . Sambo told me about this one and they have 
free equipment.
http://www.conage.com Do not know much about them.
http://www.dslreports.com/forum/voip is a good forum with usefull VoIP 

Hope that helps...

On Sunday, October 12, 2003, at 02:44  PM, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:

> I know this is not really 'rescue' related... however there is a broad
> cross section of list members, and a great pool of knowledge...
> I'm looking to try to cheaply setup a phone/phone system, and since
> I also wanted to learn VOIP, I figured that would be a good way to go.
> As I understand it there are local/ld providers out there for VOIP
> (someone mentioned nufone.net to me) that offer great rates.
> I was looking at setting up an Asterisk system using some (actually
> plenty) of PC hardware that I have available.... only problem is the
> FXS (and if I use a local phone company rather than a VOIP local/ld
> provider) and FXO card.... they are not cheap... 1 port FXO for $99,
> and 1 port FXS for $125 it seems.... don't know if there are any
> other ways to do this... cheaper sources... etc.
> Plus I've seen things like ArtDio VOIP gateways with one FXO and
> one FXS... and there is always the NM-1V or NM-2V along with one
> or more VIC-2FXS etc cards.... although even used the proces
> to do this are high... not to mention I need 3 ethernet ports on
> my Cisco 3620 (I have n NM-2E2W and a NM-1E2W in it now, so I'd
> hav eto get a NM-4E2W (if such a thing even exists) to clear up
> a NM slot for a NM-1V or NM-2V... which raises the costs of this
> method even further.... (ouch).
> So.... any suggestions.... sources for FXO/FXS cards compatable
> with Asterisk... other suggestions....
> I've been told pingtel VOIP phones are nice... (but not cheap)...
> I've also been told that the Cisco VOIP phones are not so hot...
> So... despite being off topic... I hope this appeals to the
> geek in us all and that some of you have some good advice,
> experience, and knowledge of how to do this cheaply....
> (I'm unemployed... <sigh>).
> -- Curt
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