[rescue] VOIP

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Oct 12 13:44:19 CDT 2003

I know this is not really 'rescue' related... however there is a broad
cross section of list members, and a great pool of knowledge...

I'm looking to try to cheaply setup a phone/phone system, and since
I also wanted to learn VOIP, I figured that would be a good way to go.

As I understand it there are local/ld providers out there for VOIP
(someone mentioned nufone.net to me) that offer great rates.

I was looking at setting up an Asterisk system using some (actually
plenty) of PC hardware that I have available.... only problem is the
FXS (and if I use a local phone company rather than a VOIP local/ld
provider) and FXO card.... they are not cheap... 1 port FXO for $99,
and 1 port FXS for $125 it seems.... don't know if there are any 
other ways to do this... cheaper sources... etc.

Plus I've seen things like ArtDio VOIP gateways with one FXO and
one FXS... and there is always the NM-1V or NM-2V along with one
or more VIC-2FXS etc cards.... although even used the proces
to do this are high... not to mention I need 3 ethernet ports on
my Cisco 3620 (I have n NM-2E2W and a NM-1E2W in it now, so I'd
hav eto get a NM-4E2W (if such a thing even exists) to clear up
a NM slot for a NM-1V or NM-2V... which raises the costs of this
method even further.... (ouch).

So.... any suggestions.... sources for FXO/FXS cards compatable
with Asterisk... other suggestions....

I've been told pingtel VOIP phones are nice... (but not cheap)...
I've also been told that the Cisco VOIP phones are not so hot...

So... despite being off topic... I hope this appeals to the 
geek in us all and that some of you have some good advice, 
experience, and knowledge of how to do this cheaply....
(I'm unemployed... <sigh>).

-- Curt

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