[rescue] Trade?

ed at the7thbeer.com ed at the7thbeer.com
Sat Oct 11 09:32:18 CDT 2003

> >    Hey, neat!  I wonder if it can run a real OS.  Have you tried
> > anything else on it?
> Even neater (purely for hack value), I wonder if it can run the origial
> "Pen Windows" version of Windows 3.1

Hrm.  It's a standard AMD '586', don't see why it wouldn't be worth a try.

> >    Holy Cow.
> Neat!  Someone makes hardware that might actually survive a few months
> with me!

Yeah this stuff is highly armored, shock-proof and water-resistant.

> The diagnostic connector on American-made cars.  You can peek and poke

Actually, you find OBD-II on any car imported here for the consumer market
(with very very few Federal exceptions).  The interface protocols vary
though -- there's three...ISO 14233(? I think that's it), VFW and one
other I forget. My tool handles all 3.

> some really neat values across that interface.  You can read and clear
> trouble codes, put the engine in "closed loop" diagnostic mode, tinker
> with timing, and all sorts of other hackery.

Some of those things are too make-specific for my tool.  Usually, from
what research shows,  you need to get the factory/deal interface tool to
make changes (upgrade firmware in the drive computer, etc).  Do you know
of one that's not propritary that will let  you change values?  That would
be so slick, especially for these cars with distributorless ignition.

Heck it would be nice to GET the damn firmware and let someone like Dave
have a serious poke at it.  I can only imagine the cool things that could
be done with that info in the hands of a serious hardware nerd like Dave.

ed at the7thbeer.com

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