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> On Saturday, October 11, 2003, at 01:54 AM, H.H. wrote:
> >>    Wow sir, in case nobody else has pointed it out, I feel the need to
> >> inform you that you're an asshole.
> >
> > Gee, nothing worthwhile to support your case so you resort to
> > childish namecalling?
>    That's a quaint, old, and completely useless defense.  But read on,
> this is just becoming interesting!

Defence? I may have called the above statement a few things, but not a
Just how is it a defence and what exactly is it defending against?
Sounds like a cheap way to try and throw the conversation off of the real
issue to me.

> >  I'm an asshole because I expect equal treatment for
> > everyone; myself included? Shame on me. I'd better get back to work
> > with
> > the rest of the slaves before "Massa" comes down on me... You've got a
> > pretty twisted way of looking at things; I'll give you that.
>    This is a community with rules.  You don't make those rules, because
> you don't own it.  If you can't get along, get the fuck out.  Everyone
> else plays by the rules, at least most of the time.  Call that
> "twisted" if you like, but somehow I suspect you're in the minority.

Of course it is a community with rules. That was exactly my point! Rules
*should* apply to everyone equally. Also, I never said I had made up ANY
rules here.
I only pointed out what has been said before by the list owner. Please try
to pay more
attention to what I actually wrote and not some knee-jerk assumption. As far
as I can
tell everyone "plays by the rules" as you say. I never doubted this for a
minute. Well,
except in the previous post where you said Mr. Bill can do anything he wants
and doesn't
have to follow any rules. As for calling this twisted: You have "twisted"
(lol) around what
I have said to make it seem to be your point. What I actually said was (and
please read the
quoted again if you have to): "I'm an asshole because I expect equal
treatment for everyone;
myself included?" "You've got a pretty twisted way of looking at things;
I'll give you that."
Still think I'm in the minority on this one?

> > I believe you are projecting *your*  shortcomings on to me, sir.
> > After all, who started the unprovoked namecalling?
>    Wow, I sure did.  Turns out it was a good choice, too, because...yep,
> you guessed it, you're an asshole!  End of story.

Seems as if I'm not the only one.

>    Anybody here disagree?  Somehow I doubt it.
>    Traditional "take the high ground" argument-winning tactics don't
> work here.

"Take the high ground" argument-winning tactics? Sorry, I only pointed out
the truth.
You say *I'm* the asshole but *you* started off with the name calling?

So you're saying that in order to win an argument on this list one needs to
resort to
mud-slinging and name calling? My mistake. I had assumed that most (if not
all) on
this list were more intelligent than that. Hell, even most name callers wait
until they've
exhausted their weak arguments before they resort to name calling; not start
off with it firsthand.

> > OK, Qusay, point taken.  I hadn't realized the totalitarianism involved
> > here.
> > My mistake.
>    Hmm, interesting world you live in.  Howbout I come strolling into
> your house and take a dump on your coffee table?  You wouldn't like
> that, would you?  It's the same thing...you'd get pissed about it.  And
> if your neighbor was over for dinner at the time, he'd probably help
> you escort me out.  Should I whine about "totalitarianism" in that
> case?  Well, we're in Bill's house, and you just pissed off a lot of
> his guests by dropping a big steaming log on his coffee table.

What on earth does your above example even remotely have to do with
what I said? Just another overexaggerated emotional  soliloquy as an attempt
to draw the reader away from the true issue I brought forth and to draw them
to your side.... Whatever that may be

The Facts: Bill got on my case about a post being off-topic. Later he does
the same
type of off topic posting. I called him on it. As you said-- End of story.
Should he be pissed off?
I dunno, maybe, if he's the kind of person that is plagued with personal
hypocrisy. Maybe if he's not big enough to admit the facts. At first I
think he was, but now that he seems to have unsubscribed me I'll take it
to mean that he's just another small dicked buffoon with a
inferiority complex. How dare I invade his internet kindom with talk of
fairness to all. Not in my country says Saddam... NOW I was being an

>    I don't know why you're having so much trouble understanding this
> concept.  You seem to have a sense of entitlement...perhaps a few
> sessions with a psychologist might help.

I should say the same to you.... (see last paragraph below)

> > Although maybe I shouldn't say that as you are *not* Bill and are only
> > seeming
> > to put words in his mouth in order to inflame the conversation and it
> > wouldn't be fair
> > of me to make such a statement, even in jest, based upon someone's,
> > other
> > than Bill's,
> > actions.
>    Good choice.  I don't care to inflame a conversation...I was just
> pointing out the fact that you're an asshole.  There are a lot of
> assholes in the world, and many of them don't realize it.  I was trying
> to do you a service.  It's like, if we're sitting in a restaurant and
> you've got a booger hanging out of your nose or something.  I might
> discreetly mention "hey man, you might wanna check your nose." ...as a
> service.  You could say "thank you", but somehow I think you probably
> won't.

Interesting take on things. It reminds me a closed minded fool I know. Very
tactless he is. I would say it's more like we were sitting in a restaurant
and I had
a booger hanging out of my nose and you stood up and tried to rid me of it
tossing your glass of water on it and yelling "HEY ASSHOLE! YOU'VE GOT
FCSKING PIG!!!!" Again, there's a big difference between reality and your
on things, Mr. Uncouth. Should I thank you for this? Somehow I'm not feeling
any gratitude here....

>    Also...Bill and I have known each other a long time, but I still
> don't think he'll let me put anything in his mouth, and I'm not about
> to try, as he'd probably pummel me into a thin pink paste.


> > Of course. As will you. We're all adults here..... Well, at least I
> > thought
> > that we
> > were
>    Well, most of us are.  You, however, seem to like to stroll into
> someone else's sandbox and start whining about not being able to do
> what you want with someone else's toys.  Who's being childish here,
> again?  I seem to have forgotten.  Perhaps you could remind me, if
> you're quite finished being an asshole.

Only when it's a sandbox thats open to the public and some big punk bully
is in it as well trying to throw their weigh around; whether they own it or
It's not about doing as I want with someone elses toys. It's about being
a group that was invited (yes the list webpage invites the public to join)
to come
"play" and then being told "don't do what we do". "You just go over there by

>    Further, I thank you for this opportunity to vent, I feel much
> better.  It takes a true asshole such as yourself to forcefully *drag*
> the stress out of a man so effectively.  I owe you one.  Now that I'm
> feeling so nice and relaxed, I'm going to bed.
>    Catch everyone tomorrow!
>            -Dave

Sounds more like the psychologist you were mentioning earlier in the post
an asshole. Perhaps you were suffering from your Projectionism again there
as well?
Anyway, glad to be of service to you lol

G'nite and sleep well.
Don't think I'll be back on the list now. Not with List Nazi Bill at the
helm anyway.
He seems to have unsubscribed me. Sunhelp.org my ass! lol
It was fun while it lasted. Take care all.


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