[rescue] Trade?

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>    Wow sir, in case nobody else has pointed it out, I feel the need to
> inform you that you're an asshole.

Gee, nothing worthwhile to support your case so you resort to
childish namecalling? I'm an asshole because I expect equal treatment for
everyone; myself included? Shame on me. I'd better get back to work with
the rest of the slaves before "Massa" comes down on me... You've got a
pretty twisted way of looking at things; I'll give you that.

I believe you are projecting *your*  shortcomings on to me, sir.
After all, who started the unprovoked namecalling?

>This isn't a fucking democracy,
> Sparky.  This is Bill's list.  We're all equal...but he's MORE equal.
> Get it?

OK, Qusay, point taken.  I hadn't realized the totalitarianism involved
My mistake.

I guess someone's sig file here was right..... The Regime change DOES start
at home ... lol

Although maybe I shouldn't say that as you are *not* Bill and are only
to put words in his mouth in order to inflame the conversation and it
wouldn't be fair
of me to make such a statement, even in jest, based upon someone's, other
than Bill's,

>    Further, I'm nobody's lemming, but I'll speak up for Bill any time I
> damn well please.

Call it what you will.....

>If you don't like it, well, I'm sure you'll find a
> way to deal with it.

Of course. As will you. We're all adults here..... Well, at least I thought
that we


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