[rescue] Supra 33.6 modems

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Oct 11 00:28:13 CDT 2003

By the way, all this talk of ISP modem setups in the old days reminds me
I have a box full of Supra 33.6 modems from the early ISP days.  These
were very nice units with extruded aluminum enclosures, a digital speed
display on the front of them, etc.

Great for fax work, or data up to 33.6K.

If anyone has a use for any, make an offer....

My favorite thing was in the firmware if the modem crashed the right
way, it would do a skyrocket launch/explosion on the digital display...
we had one that stuck this way permanently so I kept if for a desk
ornament :-)

We used to have to have the customer service reps go through the modem
pool a couple times a day looking for stuck modems and power cycling
them.... in the later firmware revs this diminished but you would still
get the occasional lockup...

All connected to Portmaster 2s.... ahh.. those were the days.... busy
but fun....

-- Curt

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