[rescue] $10.00 Indigo 2, Free Indys, Indy mainboards, etc...

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Oct 10 11:39:55 CDT 2003

For local pickup only....

Teal Indigo 2 systems.  200MHZ CPU with 1M of cache.  GR3-Elan (XZ)
graphics card, no memory, no drives, no sleds.

I have several.

For pickup in Sharon, MA.

I'll consider shipping if they don't move locally, but I'll have to
get $30 for one + the shipping (as I have to get packing materials,
time to pack them, etc).

Also, I have some Indy (systems)... no power supply, no cpu, no
memory, no drives (basically the pan, mainboard and plastic top)...
free for local pickup.  The ROM is missing from some of these as well.
Great to have a spare mainboard to keep your Indy running forever...
mainboards are good.  Also, free only for local pickup.

If you want an Indy mainboard as a spare, I can pull one from the
chassis and ship it to you for $10 + shipping costs.

-- Curt

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