[rescue] RS6000 model 250 type 7011

rescue at sunhelp.org rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Oct 10 08:22:29 CDT 2003

Snooping the network and worked out it had NIS enabled and therefore was
failing at that point.  The POST code c33 was displayed indicating it
was set to tty out of S1 or S2.  Used a laplink cable to connect from my
PC to the serial port works a treat, just need to reconfigure the IP
stuff and away I go.

Thanks for all your help previously with the crossover cable.


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Managed to get one of the 3 of these I have to boot and saw the packets
on the network, has a network address class b not for our network (still
not managed to get a head working).  So setup a private network on a hub
and can ping it but get connection refused for all other protocols
telnet, rlogin, rsh etc is anything running so I can get access to
change the IP?


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