[rescue] domains for free

FTG ftg at canada.com
Fri Oct 10 06:36:59 CDT 2003

I have the following domains I am willing to GIVE AWAY FREE...

I own them and dont need/want/to pay/own them anymore.

2003-10-29    X X X    OPENSRC.INFO
2003-11-08    X X X    USRLOCAL.INFO
2004-01-30    X X X    BROKENFLOPPY.COM
2004-01-30    X X X    BROKENFLOPPY.NET
2004-01-30    X X X    BROKENFLOPPY.ORG

They have not expired yet and would be easy to TRANSFER ownership
to a new register.
Personally I am using gandi.net for domain registrations.

Since people on these lists have provided me with so much I try to return
to the community what I can :)

Kevin Lee
Edinburgh, Scotland

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