[rescue] Sparc 20 question

Innfomail at aol.com Innfomail at aol.com
Fri Oct 10 03:12:43 CDT 2003

Yea!!! My Sparc 20 works but I have a problem. 

It boots up with SunOS 5.7 but I can't get past the service password in 
single user mode by using boot -b. Security seems disabled.

Normally it boots, declares the usr filesystem damaged and terminates the 
program to the OK prompt.

I have a Solaris 3.3 CD but this seems to install SunOS 5.3.

I looked into the Education License for Solaris 9. Downloading the free CDs 
is not possible for me over a 56K dialup. I am thinking of ordering the CD ROM 
kit for 9 or possibly Solaris 8.

It is a single Supersparc TI TMS390Z57GF processor, 192 Meg RAM, TurboGX and 
a Fast Enet/Fast/Wide SCSI Card. Also a SCSI II CDROM in a 411 case with a 
20D10 monitor.

My question is should I format the disk and load the Solaris 3.3 on it from 
the CD. Or should I work on cracking the password and keep the 5.7 on it.

Or should I give up and get Solaris 8 or 9. It is just going to be a 
tinkering workstation for a while, mostly to play with Solaris. maybe down the road it 
will turn into a WebServer.

Thanks for the help.
Astoria, OR

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