[rescue] IBM thin clients - any info?

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Thu Oct 9 16:43:14 CDT 2003

Speaking of literally thin clients...

Has anyone here fooled with putting *bsd or linux on an
i-opener, gateway connected touchpad, or 3com audrey for
use as a small footprint xterminal?  I'm toying with
the idea of something I can place around the house with 
an LCD monitor.  (at least until those t-mobile $^@&$s put ssh
on my sidekick.  Has anyone used the Sony P800?  How about
the feasability of using a Motorola A920 in the US?  It's
available in Europe and is a world phone, so it SHOULD work
here but until I see someone else doing it I don't want to 
risk the money.)

Damn we're way beyond sparcs now...


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