[rescue] SGI PS/2 keyboards

James Rice jrice54 at charter.net
Thu Oct 9 14:54:10 CDT 2003

Those were made by NMB.  The "slab" keyboards for Onyx, Indy, Indigo both PS2 and Indigo interface, were made by Alps.  The NBM are exactly like the NMB PC keyboards that were available aftermarket around 1998-1999.  They seem to last forever.  NMB also made Compaq OEM keyboards.

>There is  one generation of granite SGI keyboards after
>the slabs that was decent, or at least they were in my
>opinion.  The one that came with my Octane was granite
>but much smaller than the slabs and it was nice to use,
>not nearly as mushy and generally crappy as the
>charcoal ones are.

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