[rescue] FREE Sun, SGI, TRS-80 (Boston)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Oct 9 12:32:30 CDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 12:11, Bob Keyes wrote:
> Sun 3/60 - with 19" mono monitor, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, external
> drives and media. works!
> TRS-80 model 16. This was the 68000 and z80 machine from 1979. Big, ugly
> battleship grey, with 8" drives with 1/4" thick steel doors. rusty and
> dusty. condition onknown. with manuals and software.
> SGI 4d/240 cards - guts of this SGI VME system, with memory, drives,
> cables, etc.
> sparcstation 330 - big old sparc (not a pizza box!) with  drives in it, an
> operating system, I am told it works. This is HEAVY.

This is in the original 330 case, right ?  Has 3 VME slots and the
boards drop down in vertically under a cover on the top.... (versus
the old VME chassis which had the cards slide in from the rear),
correct ?

I'm "local" to Cambridge (Sharon, MA).  I don't have a good vehicle
for hauling, but a friend of mine has a pickup truck.

I really shouldn't be taking on more equipment, but this stuff is
old and hard to find these days.  I'm really interested in ALL of
it... but as I have so much now I'm resisting unless no other good
homes appear for the stuff....  just wish I had more time and space
(I have a pretty good amount of space... time is what seems to be
most lacking (despite being unemployed currently :-) ).

Since there isn't anything I really need... let me know if there are
no takers, and I'll come up with my friend and his truck and rescue
this stuff.. then whatever I don't end up adding to my collection I'll
attempt to find new owners for.... its much better than the trash bin !

-- Curt

> This stuff is in Central Square, Cambridge (Boston) You must pick it up
> yourself. I may be able to help you lift it out of the basement, but for
> the sparcstation 330, I suggest bringing a helper with !
> Email for info. First claimant on a piece, has dibs for 24 hrs, after
> which second party has dibs for 24 hrs. Next thursday whatever remains
> goes to the trash.
> More stuff coming, both free and for sale.
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