[rescue] Cleveland area: Apollo/Sun/Mac rescue

Henry R. Bent hbent at cs.oberlin.edu
Thu Oct 9 09:59:36 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I'm trying to make some space in the office of our Computer Recycling
program (computers for low-income students) and against all my
historic-preservation instincts I've decided to let go of some stuff that
I'm just never going to make any use of.  Everything is LOCAL PICKUP ONLY
because I'm far too lazy to box anything, much less take it to the post
office.  First email, first dibs.  This isn't time critical, but if at all
possible I'd like to see everything that's going to leave do so within two

-2x Domain 2500 (8M RAM, no disk).  These should work but haven't been
properly used since the disappearance of the DN3500 that served them (at
least 5 years ago).  If I can find the monitor cable I'll test them, but
no promises.
-One keyboard model A1630-82001 R2
-One keyboard model 014555-001
-One Logitech mouse model P7-3F-A0 missing ball and cover (they're
probably here somewhere...)
-One 19" mono monitor model 015177
-One DB9-1BNC monitor cable, if I can find it
-One set of five QIC24 tapes (3M DC600A) marked "Apollo fileserver level 0
backup"; last one is marked "thru 4/4/89"
-One QIC24 tape (3M DC600A) marked "/var level 0 - /dev/rxy0g"
-Books as I can find them.  The one sitting in front of me is "Domain/C
Language Reference" dated December 1990; I may be able to obtain more that
are hiding in the CS labs if there's any interest.

-Two GDM-1604-15 16" color monitors (4BNC)
-Two 4BNC-4BNC monitor cables
-Two keyboards "5-64995-086 REV R 249-8825", one missing "F1" and "R2"
-QIC24 tapes:
 -"2.0 Cross-Compilers: C, Pascal, Fortran SUNBIN Sun-4"
 -"2.0 Cross-Compilers: C, Pascal, Fortran SUNBIN Sun-3"
 -"Tech. Support SUNBIN Patch Tape labeled 'general-tty' for SunOS 4.0"
 -"1.0 SunPHIGS 68020 SUNBIN"
 -"1.0 GP2 SUNBIN"
 -"4.0 SunLink VT100-Type Terminal Emulator 68020"
 -"4.0 Domestic SPARC SUNBIN, boot format, 1of2 and 2of2" (2 tapes)
 -"4.0 Domestic 68020 SUNBIN, boot format, 1of2 and 2of2" (2 tapes)
 -"1.0 SunCD Sun-4c SUNBIN for SunOS 4.0.3c"
 -"CPLEX 1.2, marked 'sun4'"
 -"CPLEX 2.1, marked 'sparc v2.1f3'"
 -"Sun User Group Unsupported Donated Software Release 87.1.0"
 -"apE III Visualization Software, w/serial number"
 -"apE III Developer's Version, w/serial number"
 -"OSF/Motif 1.2 QIC-150 format"
 -"OSF/Motif 1.2.1 Patch Release QIC-150 format"
 -"Chez Scheme Version 3.1 for Sun-3, Sun-4, Apollo, VAX Unix"
 -"Chez Scheme Version 2.0.3 for SunOS"
 -"Chez Scheme Version V.1 for Sun-3, Sun-4, Decstation"
-SPARCstation SLC, model 4/20FM-8, P/N 599-1772-02.  Powers up and passes
diags but the monitor brightness is barely enough to read.  I can't
remember how much memory is in here; it's either 8M or 16M.  No disk of
course, but darned if it isn't a cute little thing.
-If the persuasion is right I _may_ be able to swing a full wall of docs
for SunOS 4.0.  It would be all or nothing on these.

Phew!  But wait, there's more...

-FULL box of 5 1/4" floppies for the AT&T 3B2 running SVR3 - full
original disks for C compiler, Fortran 77 compiler, Starlan Network, plus much more.
If you want to know if something's here, just ask.
-QIC24 tape "AT&T UNIX System V Operating System Utilities - Release 3.1.1

-As many ISA modems (mostly 14.4) as you can fill a shopping bag with
-Lots of 60MB QIC24 tapes
-An internal 44MB SCSI SyQuest drive
-Many inkjet printers of dubious condition.  They all _look_ fine, but
none have been tested.  From here I can see an HP DeskWriter 680C, an
original HP DeskWriter, and an Apple Color StyleWriter 1500, but that's
not all.
-FULL original set of A/UX Version 3 docs in original Apple binders


READ THIS: You MUST be picking up something else if you want any mac
stuff.  Sorry, that's just the way life works in my little kingdom.

-Maybe a 7100/66, /80 or /80AV
-One or two 13" or 14" color monitors
-Perhaps a 7200/90
-I think I have a 6100/60 or /66
-Performa 6400/200 guts (no disk, RAM, modem or ethernet)
-Probably at least one of every model Apple ADB keyboard and mouse

If you've read this far you've got a longer attention span than I do.

If you're unclear on what something is (or if it even exists :-P ) just
ask.  I am in Oberlin, OH (44074) approximately 45 minutes southwest of
Cleveland.  I can arrange to have the office opened just about any time
between 9AM and Midnight 7 days a week, so I'm pretty flexible

Henry Bent
hbent at cs.oberlin.edu

P.S. If you show up you can most likely talk me out of a running
DECstation 5000/120 plus Ultrix CDs, or a 100MHz R4000 SGI Indy with no RAM.

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