[rescue] Ultra 1 no video...

Francois Dion fdion at atriumwindows.com
Thu Oct 9 09:55:44 CDT 2003

the STOP-N trick didn't work. So I did unplug the keyboard and got the 
console on the serial port. It gets to the point where the kernel 
panics, and I get two registers dumped. It then attempts to reboot if i 
hit a key, and again the same... Doesn't sound good.

I can reinstall the OS I guess, but I suspect this is going to fail if 
the card is bad. I guess if it does, I know for a fact. Anybody has a 
UPA Creator 3D?


Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:

>I doubt it would be this, but maybe the output-device setting got
>toasted in the NVRAM.... try turning on your system while holding 
>down STOP-N until you get video or your fingers go numb :-)  (
>if you get video, here the system start to boot, etc you can take
>your fingers off STOP-N).  You do need to hold it for a good minute
>or so depending on the system.
>If that doesn't work...
>Leave the Sun keyboard unplugged.  Use a null modem cable on the serial
>port at 9600N81.  With the keyboard not plugged in the system should
>redirect console input/output to the first TTY port.
>This will at least allow you to get into the OBP.
>-- Curt
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