[rescue] Ultra 1 no video...

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Wed Oct 8 21:21:31 CDT 2003

I had a Creator 3D card blow up inside a Ultra1 once. It was so loud my 
roommate could
hear it on the other side of the house.

Console might be the best bet and see if the ultra1 is still working. I 
think probe-all should
show you all the devices. Did you try to reseat the creator card?

On Wednesday, October 8, 2003, at 07:58 PM, Francois Dion wrote:

> My ultra 1 creator3d decided to greet me with no video as I powered it 
> up today.
> This of course after I started looking at getting a faster unit 
> yesterday. My
> car does the same everytime I go at dealers, kicking some tires, it 
> decides to
> leave me stranded to teach me better :)
> Anyway, the service manual is not helping:
> page 4-3 "symptom: no video output on the system monitor. action: 
> replace the
> monitor or the graphics card".
> The leds on the keyboard work, the drives are spinning, power led on 
> unit is on.
> I know the monitor is ok. I dont have a video card handy. Any 
> suggestions? Can I
> get a console thru serial port and run a diagnostic? Help me save this 
> old
> workhorse...
> Thanks,
> Francois
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