[rescue] More FREE Sun?apollo (Boston)

Bob Keyes bob at sinister.com
Wed Oct 8 13:06:21 CDT 2003


I'd rather have this stuff picked up. If you want me to ship it, you have
to pay for shipping (UPS) and a packing fee from $2 - $10, depending on


SparcStation 1+, several:

#1: sunos 4.14, have root pw, 24mb ram? bad nvram
#2: openbsd 2.4, maxtor 213 drive, 16mb? ram bad nvram
#3: micropolis 2112 drive, 16mb? ram, video card

SparcStation IPC/IPX, several (I put at least one IPX in an IPC case, but
can't remember which one)

#1: no drives, no ram
#2: no drives, 32mb?
#3: 270mb, 16mb?


video cards, single slot. one has 5011415019667, the other has no barcode
but uses a bt498 chip.

power supplies: 3001038-04, 3001055-07

-sbus ethernet with 10baseT and aui connectors
-what i believe is a speaker for ss10
-mice (2) 401162-035/d
-remote control for monitor 370-1576-01

Note that all the machines with drives probably have either sunos or
openbsd loaded. ram estimates are based upon the number of chips, and if
there are two types or one. None of these specs are in the least bit
guaranteed, nor of course is anything else.

-They call em suns because they heat up your house


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