[rescue] FREE Sun, SGI, TRS-80 (Boston)

Bob Keyes bob at sinister.com
Wed Oct 8 11:11:25 CDT 2003

Here's what I have, if the museums don't want it, its free but you must
pick it up SOON! I.e. absolute outside limit is one week. I'd really hope
that it will go in the next couple of days:

Sun 3/60 - with 19" mono monitor, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, external
drives and media. works!

TRS-80 model 16. This was the 68000 and z80 machine from 1979. Big, ugly
battleship grey, with 8" drives with 1/4" thick steel doors. rusty and
dusty. condition onknown. with manuals and software.

SGI 4d/240 cards - guts of this SGI VME system, with memory, drives,
cables, etc.

sparcstation 330 - big old sparc (not a pizza box!) with  drives in it, an
operating system, I am told it works. This is HEAVY.

This stuff is in Central Square, Cambridge (Boston) You must pick it up
yourself. I may be able to help you lift it out of the basement, but for
the sparcstation 330, I suggest bringing a helper with !

Email for info. First claimant on a piece, has dibs for 24 hrs, after
which second party has dibs for 24 hrs. Next thursday whatever remains
goes to the trash.

More stuff coming, both free and for sale.

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