[rescue] Mixing USII Modules

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 5 13:41:49 CDT 2003

--- Derek Warren <lists at derek.trideja.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I hope to have a nice big Ultra 2 in my hands next week.  Is it 
> possible to mix CPU modules in these things as it is in some cases 
> with the SS20 or must they be matched?

The Ultra 2 requires matched CPUs (matched means same speed/cache size
or, put another way, similar part numbers). They can take a wide range
of CPUs, from 167 MHz w/512K cache to 300 MHz w/2 Meg cache (I think
the 167 MHz CPU has 512K cache?). CPUs run $15/25 ea for 167 MHz units
to $75/125 ea for 300 MHz CPUs.

> I've searched around and 
> found lots of Usenet/SunHelp posts about mixing RAM modules and proc.
> modules in SS20s but nothing about mixing CPU modules in a U2.  Any 
> ideas?

The Ultra 2 is not a "common" as the SS/20 - it was a top of the line
desktop machine that was used frequently as a low-end server. They are
nice, affordable and make great desktop machines, esp. when they have
dual CPUs and a nice Creator framebuffer.

There is actually a nice set of information onthe Ultra 2 available,
bit at docs.sun.com and somewhere on the net there is a "Just The
Facts" document that describes the system well.

I once paid as much as $2K for an Ultra 2, and I later paid as little
as $20 for an Ultra 2 base (no CPU/RAM, but w/small HD on bracket) - of
course, there were years in between those purchases ;^) At the time,
each was a great price!


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