[rescue] Rescued RS/6000

Mark T. Valites valites at geneseo.edu
Sat Oct 4 13:42:16 CDT 2003

My brother came across an RS/6000 at work & was kind enough to give me the
box. The outside of the case says it's a 43P Model140 with a 200Mhz
processor - my knowledge of the machine doesn't extend much beyond that.

I hear I'm fortunate in that the case was unlocked. The machine takes a
while to boot, but eventually wakes the monitor. After hitting any key,
I'm greeted by a grey screen with 8 empty boxes, an icon of a open lock
with a screwdriver, and another of a key with a red x next to it,
prompting for a password that I of course don't know.

A quick google search didn't turn up too much info. If it matters, I don't
know what version of AIX is on the machine, but I could get access to AIX
media without too much pain. I'm not sure if/what the serial port tells me
yet - I don't have support in my kernel on my tibook at the moment for the
serial adapter that just arrived.

Does anyone have any suggestions for rooting it? What can I expect from
the machine - is it half way decent or does it do anything exciting?


Mark T. Valites
Unix Systems Analyst
CIT - SUNY Geneseo
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