[rescue] SGI keyboard maps

Matthew Haas wedge at lightlink.com
Sat Oct 4 12:16:25 CDT 2003

Hello everyone,

 Just got a Belkin OmniCube 4-port KVM, and I've hooked up my Indigo2,
SPARC LX, and HP 712/100 to it. (LX is on the Belkin SUN Adapter).

 The monitor in use is the 20D11, and I've just completed soldering work
on it (10k Ohm resistor so my LX now works with it).

 However, when I switch from my SGI to the Sun (HP isn't up yet-- need to
figure out how to root an HP-UX 10.20 install), everything works. When I
switch from the Sun back to the SGI, mouse doesn't work (I have to pull it
out of the KVM and reinsert it), but my keyboard ends up in UNIX keymap
mode (ie CAPS is Control, Control is CAPS).

 Which leads me to my question... I've also played with an Alpha DS10L (on
a different KVM), and have experienced this same problem of having the
keyboard go into UNIX keymap mode.

 Is there someplace I can go to read up on changing/restoring keymaps
under IRIX? A setting somewhere? Maybe that will lead to me solving the
same problem on the DS10L (it is just a minor annoyance on the SGI, but
the Alpha is on a different KVM which accepts only keyboard codes, and
when the keymap changes, I can't find where the scroll lock key has mapped
itself off to).

 Matthew Haas
 Corning/Geneseo, NY

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