[rescue] HP7550a plotter

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Thu Oct 2 18:02:16 CDT 2003

I know, it's not much. but I just picked up an HP 7550a plotter. 
It was filthy, but expect for no pens, it was complete and works.

I have the following questions and was hoping for some insights from
the group.

1. Assuming I can't get pens for it (here in Israel), what can I use?
   I made a pen out of a BIC pen and a pen out of a pencil. I cut them to
   size and wrapped them with electrical tape. They worked, but left
   nothing but faint scratches on the paper. :-(

The following questions are more of a "fishing" expedition than a
need for a tutorial. Short answers are fine. 

2. Does anyone use them for circuit board design anymore? If you do, 
   how? The resist pen in the plotter method? Making photographic

3. If you do use them for circuit board design, what software do you use?
   Windows is ok, Linux is better. Solaris/Irix/MacOSX  would be nice, but no
   available hardware (at the moment). 

3a. If you use some other device, what and how?

Thanks in advance, 


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