[rescue] SparcBooks and Parts, Tadpole RDI NR

Paul paul at techcenter3000.com
Thu Oct 2 00:41:05 CDT 2003

"1 SparcBook, unknown state, appears to be physically ok, I don't think it
has drives
1 SparcBook 2, I have had this one running but it had keyboard problems and
the power supply has died. Drives are inside.
1 SparcBook 2, disassembled to be used for parts, pictured below
1 SparcBook 3, I think it is a 3S, no drives or sled, no battery
1 power adapter, doesn't appear to be working
1 User Manual for the SparcBook 2
2 SparcBook 2 batteries, probably toast
I have no idea about the processor speeds or amount of RAM in any of these
machines, and the only way to check is to open them up, which I don't really
want to do."


 I've been lusting after a sparcbook, but alas, finances aren't there for
one, Yet.

BTW, my ebay id is jana44 (so, PLEASE don't outbid me on other stuff! GRIN!)

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