[rescue] Weird Silicon Graphics o2 graphics issues

Nick nick at snowman.net
Wed Oct 1 16:11:15 CDT 2003

Hey, I'm really sorry our hardware is out of your league... I'm sure any
day now all the x86 hardware in the world will start an huge bonfire for
no reason at all... (yes, that was a joke)

On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, Jochen Kunz wrote:
> On 2003.10.01 14:10 Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 wrote:
> And since the Linux kids with there TrueColor only displays have taken
> over the world there are no X applications that can play nice with less
> then TrueColor. ;-) (Remembring a startup of enlightenment on a 8 bit
> Xterminal...) 
>        Jochen
> Homepage: http://www.unixag-kl.fh-kl.de/~jkunz/

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