[rescue] Xircom Netstation 8100

William W. Arnold warnold at vipnet.org
Wed Oct 1 15:02:50 CDT 2003

In article <ELEGJGCPAMHCEECHCGDNEEKBDGAA.shel at cmhcsys.com> you write:
>There is a standard for powering things over Ethernet, called, oddly enough,
>"Power Over Ethernet" or "POE".  Also known as "IEEE 802.3af".  It's a very
>recent standard, however (June 2003, I think) so older gear may not comply.

Probably not helpfull, since the NetStation we have predates the
aquisition by intel in 2001. There was a www.xircom.com url on the bottom,
which redirected to the intel site.  Unfortunatly I can't find any relevent
specs on the intel site.

>Xircom is now part of Intel.

Unfortunatly there's very little info about the NetStation on their site.

If I can find out how many volts and amps it takes on which pins, I can
get it working.  We've got an assortment of AC->DC power supplies sitting
around, so I can probably just wire one up.  If not, I can find one fairly

-billy- warnold at vipnet.org

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