[rescue] Xircom Netstation 8100

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Wed Oct 1 14:41:20 CDT 2003

William W. Arnold says ...
> Does anyone out there have a spare Xircom NetStation 8100
> power supply that I can acquire?
> Or just have the specs for it?
> We acquired one cheap, but there's no power supply.  We're
> pretty sure that it feeds x dc volts on one of the unused
> pairs in the cat5 that supplies the ethernet connection,
> but we'd like to have the specs before we start experimenting
> and let the smoke out.  (Is there a standard for this? we
> have an ISDN phone that does the same thing)

There is a standard for powering things over Ethernet, called, oddly enough,
"Power Over Ethernet" or "POE".  Also known as "IEEE 802.3af".  It's a very
recent standard, however (June 2003, I think) so older gear may not comply.

Xircom is now part of Intel.


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